Tuesday, July 14, 2015

     Okay.... First blog post, ever... of all time... and it's about how I have cancer.  Wow, this is bizarre. I guess I should use this first post to catch everyone up to speed.  At some point while touching my breasts (because, let's be honest, everyone wants to) I noticed a lump in my right breast that did not belong there.  And so it was, with great trepidation, that I began on a strange, strange journey.
So far I have had:

• 2 Mammograms
• An Ultrasound
• 3 Core biopsies
• Appointment with my breast surgeon
• One support group meeting
• Appointment with my Oncologist
• Bloodwork
• PET Scan

     Still to come this week- I am having surgery to place a port in my chest to receive IV chemotherapy treatments and make blood draws easier, and I am meeting with a fertility specialist to, hopefully, secure a chance to maybe have a kid or two in the future.

     I was going to share a picture of the lovely bruise I got because the MRI guy missed my teeny-tiny, baby-sized veins when putting in my IV, but I was concerned that you might be eating or something.  Plus, the colors were not nearly as awesome as the bruising from my biopsies. (I bet you'd like to see those...creeper.)

     Anyway... Since meeting with my Oncologist I have a basic idea what my treatment will look like.

Before I start: Try to put a tiny baby in the freezer for a few years, get some more tests, go to the dentist, get a pedicure.


Step 1. In about 2-3 weeks start chemo. Take 6 cycles of chemo = 18 weeks = 5 months with no sushi and probably no hair.

Step 2. Take more imaging.  Go on a 4 weeks healing break.

Step 3. Have surgery.  Hope the cancer has shrunk enough to have breast-conserving surgery and not a total mastectomy.

Step 4. Take a 4-6 week break to recover from surgery.

Step 5. Start radiation therapy 5 days a week for 6-7 weeks.

Step 6.  Continue to receive HER-2 blocker injections every week for the next year, and take an estrogen blocker for the next 5 years.

Step 7. Live.  Be awesome. Probably go to Disneyland.

     So, that's the plan...

     Now, I have to say thank you to all my wonderfully supportive friends, with all their messages, well wishes and pledges on gofundme.  Despite my ever-irreverent tone, this is, in fact, cancer and everything that goes with it.  I am overwhelmed and I am fucking scared.

     And, while nothing can make cancer easier, my friends are making living easier... <3