Wednesday, July 29, 2015

     Tomorrow is going to be a big day.  I’m going to be undergoing egg retrieval; which will be an invasive, but hopefully, relatively unremarkable procedure.  And then, in about 5 days we will have several tiny embryos ready to be frozen, so that in a few years I can have a child with the person whom I passionately love. 
     I have tried to refrain from teasing Jarrod too much; however, it does seem like his part in all this will be a lot more enjoyable than mine, albeit awkward as hell. 
     We got the final price:  $8,600 out the door, plus $900 in a few years on the other side of the freezer.  I knew that having kids would be expensive, but I've always thought that conception would be the cheap and easy, fun part.

     In other cancer news, I have a start date for chemo: August 6th.  I've also done a lot of shopping... I bought special lotion, special soap, mouthwash, pediatric toothbrushes, disposable plates and plastic utensils (avoiding contamination and metallic tastes) and a hands-free soap dispenser.  Jarrod installed a paper towel holder in the bathroom for more germ-free hand washing.  I bought a few head scarves, which I'm still on the fence about.  I ate sushi one last time, which I will be missing so badly, along with many other raw foods, for six months.  I got a pedicure with the lovely and talented Jess Minnihan, in order to (fingers crossed) ward off infections and keep my toenails from falling off, and also (bonus) pretty toes.  I still need to schedule a haircut… I'm avoiding this one for some reason.  I think maybe it’s more of an admission than any of this other stuff, that this is really happening.  But I know going for a cute little crop job now will make things easier if/when it all starts to fall out.  

   Okay, that's it for now...must get some sleep.  Egg-cavation starts very early see? see what I did there?  Shut-up, I'm hilarious.